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Adenike Akerele

Area Pastor
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Pastor Mrs. Winifred Adenike Akerele is the Parish Pastor of RCCG Royal Embassy. She relocated and settled in Ireland in year 2000 on the basis of her Irish born child. She is a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Solicitor Supreme Court of England and Wales and Solicitor Supreme Court of Ireland.

She was ordained as a Deaconess in Nigeria in 1999 before she relocated to Ireland. In year 2005 she was ordained an Assistant Pastor in Nigeria. She was made a full Pastor in RCCG in year 2013.

Pastor Mrs.Winifred Akerele is a great influence on many people in Ireland especially the immigrants. Through her professional service she helped so many who were stranded in the state especially those who could not afford legal fee. Very accommodating and selfless, her home was always available to help strangers and the stranded pregnant women when immigrants were relocating to Ireland. Despite her busy schedule as a legal Practitioner and a Pastor, she was always in the labour room or theater most night attending to women whose husband were not around and prayerfully helping them to safely deliver their babies.

She won the Louth County Council Woman’s Way/ John West Mum of the year 2010. and was nominated for the same award at the National level.

Pastor Mrs. Akerele working through the RCCG Royal Embassy has been involved in the welfare of the homeless and drug addicts in Drogheda, Ireland

He represented many indigent immigrants in cases of enforcement of fundamental rights, immigration, unlawful dismissal and vindicated their position.

She has volunteered in the service of the Lord for almost 30 years as a Worker/ Minister and Pastor.

She a wife, mother and Grandmother.

Gbenga Akerele

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Pastor Olugbenga Bolanle Akerele was ordained a Deacon in The Redeemed Christian Church of God in 1998, he was made an Assitant Pastor in 1999 and he became a full Pastor in 2005.

He is the husband of Pastor Nike Akerele the Parish Pastor of Royal Embassy. In this capacity he has collaborated with his wife in the successful running of the Parish.

Pastor Akerele is the founding Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Life Gate Parish, Ado Ekiti the first model Parish to be established in Ekiti State which now a Provincial headquarter of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He established three other Parishes in Ekiti state before he was posted to Lagos and he finally moved to Ireland.

Pastor Olugbenga Akerele is a Zonal Pastor in RCCG and an architect by profession. He has been a big blessing to the church and the Community through his profession. He was a volunteer in the design of Alzheimer’s Society’s building in Drogheda.

Deacon Oladehinde Azeez

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Deacon Oladehinde Azeez joined RCCG Royal Embassy, Drogheda shortly on his arrival to the Republic of Ireland in April 2002. He gave his life to Christ same year and was ordained as a deacon in July,2016 by our daddy in the Lord,Pastor E.A Adeboye.
He was the head of Men’s Fellowship group of the Church up till 2017. He is a Sunday School teacher and a trustee of the Church. He is also the Secretary to the board of directors and involved in the administration of the Church.



Mrs ATINUKE ODEKEYE is a Minister in RCCG Royal Embassy and the former Women fellowship leader. She is a member of the Praiseworship team and also Support the current women leader in the day to day running of the women program in the church.
She is married with children.

Deaconess Yemisi Ogunkoya

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Deaconess Yemisi Ogunkoya supervises the counting of offerings and ensure that they are deposited in the account the next day while also giving detail breakdown to the Accountants.

Deaconess Ogunkoya is also the Minister in charge of follow up and visitation. Their duties include following up new members to make them feel welcome while also connecting with the old members to know their welfare and to report to church.

Her Ministry also arranges transportation for people who don’t have the means of getting to church.

Florence Roland

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Florence Roland is a Minister and Head of Welfare Department. Her role is to assist members of the church in need of assistance to meet their basic needs, arrange food items and deliver them to those in need of assistance within and outside the church. Identifying charitable organizations that the church can partner with e.g Homeless Aid.
We see to the general and sanctuary hospitality such as food or refreshments for the members in the church.
Helping in special programs where necessary such as namings,weddings, birthdays, family funday etc.

Deacon Ephraim Roland

Deacon Ephraim Roland is head of Evangelical team, Youth Co-ordinator and Prayer leader.

He see to the development of the youth through Bible Teachings, Counseling in the word of God and Prayers.

He also go out with adults and youths for evangelism. I handle and co-ordinate prayer meetings in the church e.g prayer champions vigil,Monday Morning Prayer,Cross-Over Vigils and all other prayer related issues.



Janet Adeyemi began her ushering ministering from Nigeria, at present she is the Head of Ushering Department in RCCG Royal Embassy.
An usher is a very important officer of the church who serves as the law enforcement agent, an orderly and caretaker of the church premises.
However the following roles in the scriptures define the positions occupied by usher’s in the body of christ.
*Doorkeeper Ps 84:10
*Priest Num 3:5-10
*Gatekeeper 1Chron 9:17-27
*Deacon/Deaconess Acts 6:1-7.
1. Welcoming menbers, guest and visitors into the church auditorium, politely directing them to their seats.
2. Getting the church ready before the service start. This include cleaning and arranging the seats and furniture, decorating the auditorium to ensure good atmosphere.
3. Assisting in the sanitation and cleaning of the inside and outside of the premises before, during and after the events.
4. Monitoring and ensuring orderliness of people’s movement and conduct during church service/events.
5. Collection of all offering during service, counting and recording them into all the necessary books for statistical records.
6. Handing over the checked offerings to designated officers who take them to the bank.
7. Attending to the needs of congregation in church services/events and recording this in all necessary books as stipulated.
8. Taking attendance of the congregation in church service/events and recording this in all necessary books as stipulated.
9. Taking good custody of all past and present books/ records containing the statistics of events of the church.
10. Waiting on Pastors and Minister’s for errands to meet official needs during and after events.
11. Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the pastorate.
Being an Usher is a great priviledge to serve in the house of the Lord. I have realised that serving God faithfully is a worship especially when you’re where he wants you to be doing what he wants you to do.
Without rules, there can be no order and without order, confusion will set in.
I pray that reading and obeying these rules will take us all to greater heights. We will find our God as faithful as ever. God bless.

Assistant Pastor Olubunmi Arowojolu (Mrs)

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Assistant Pastor Olubunmi Arowojolu (Mrs), served in the capacity as a Minister in charge of the children department of the RCCG, Royal Embassy Drogheda. She also teaches in the Sunday school class and Midweek Bible study. She is an active participant in the Royal Good Women section of the church.

Mrs. Arowojolu is a psychiatric nurse by training